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Our prices are an excerpt of the most popular services and are non-binding guidelines. Especially for colouring, the price depends heavily on your hair. The best way to find out the exact costs before your appointment is to have a consultation with our stylists!

Cut & Styling

Wash,Blow Dry & Finish

from 34€

Split ends cut (per minute)



from 150€

Wash,Cut & Go

from 34€

Smoothing(without washing)

from 25€

Keratin Smoothing

from 260€

Pin-up hairstyle

from €47


from 15€

Curls with straightener or curling iron

from €25
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Colour package(individ. Consultation, basic colour, wash, care, cut as desired, blow-dry, styling products)


Majirel, Igora Royal, TIGI(without washing)

from 52€

Direct puller(without washing)

from 46€

Colour Package Plus(Base Colour: INOA, Essensity, Plant Colour)

from 92€

INOA, Essensity(without washing)

from 65€

Creative colour solution( extra charge, o.w.*)

from 39€

Intensive tint(without washing)

from 39€

Bleaching(whole head, o.W.*)

from 65€

Ombré Hair(without washing)

from 95€

Vegetable colour(without washing) 

from 57€

Bleaching wash(whole head, o.W.*)

from 39€

Olaplex treatment

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Highlights Package(Individ. Consultation, highlights whole head, washing, care, cut as desired, blow-dry, styling products)


Foil strands(top of the head, o.W*)

from 49€

Strähnen Paket Plus(jede zusätzliche Farbe)


Foil strands(side & top of head,without washing)

from 59€

Strands per piece(without washing)

from 4.50€

Recolouring package (colour print, recolouring)

from 234€

Foil strands (whole head, o.w.*)

from €85
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Hair Extension

Basic Strand per Piece

from 5€

from 100 strands(incl. washing,cutting,blow-drying + 1 present)

from 500€

Bunte Strähne pro Stück

from 7€

Cleaning cut(extra charge)

from 32€

Tape Extensions per Piece

from 25€

Take out(per piece)

from 1€

Tape Extensions per piece(renewal)

from 10€
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Hair Care

Special Hair Treatment

from 35€

Styling products (colour foam, spray, gel, setting agent)

from 3€


from €7

Leave in Spray Treatment  

from 3€


from €12
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