Builder's Paradise Working Spray

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Builder's Paradise Working Spray

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Builder's Paradise Working Spray

Transform your styling routine with Builder's Paradise Working Spray, the ultimate medium hold hairspray. Whether you have sleek, straight locks or luscious curls, this lightweight yet powerful spray is suitable for all hair types and delivers remarkable style control and shape definition. Create your desired look with ease as the flexible, reworkable hold allows you to experiment and tweak your style as needed, all while maintaining a brushable finish.

Experience the freedom to create tactile texture, enhance body and enjoy long-lasting hold without sacrificing manageability. Builder's Paradise Working Spray not only ups your styling game, but also pampers your hair with a water-soluble formula that washes out effortlessly, leaving no unwanted residue. Enriched with a delightful blend of citrus, green, aromatic and floral notes, the fragrance adds a refreshing touch to your haircare routine. Say goodbye to stiffness and hello to versatility - this innovative spray is part of the Style family, offering a comprehensive range of styling and finishing options to make every day a good hair day.

How to use

To add volume and style hold:

  • Start with dry or slightly damp hair.
  • Hold the Builder's Paradise working spray about 8-12 inches from your head.
  • Spray evenly over the sections of hair you wish to style and add volume to.
  • For added volume, concentrate on the roots and lift the hair as you spray.
  • Use your favourite styling tools to create your desired look.

For strong hold and control over finished styles:

  • Once you've perfected your style, make sure it stays the way you want it.
  • Hold the spray 8-12 inches from your head.
  • Gently mist Builder's Paradise Working Spray all over your styled hair.
  • This application will lock your style in place, providing strong hold and control.
  • If you wish to rework or re-style, use heat to reactivate the spray and re-style as required.
Kevin Murphy
Maria Nila

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