Kerasilk Specialist Colour Sealer 75ml

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Kerasilk Specialist Colour Sealer 75ml

Kerasilk Specialist Colour Sealer 75ml

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Kerasilk Specialist Farbversiegeler is a hair care product that provides long-lasting colour protection and brilliance. The product comes in a 75ml bottle and is designed to be used on colour-treated or bleached hair.

One of the key benefits of Kerasilk Color Sealer is its ability to seal the cuticle of the hair, which helps to lock in the colour and prevent fading. Additionally, the product contains biomimetic silk and raspberry seed oil, which work together to moisturize and strengthen the hair fibres.

The Color Sealer also provides heat protection, making it an ideal product for people who regularly use styling tools on their hair. Moreover, it enhances depth and vibrancy, giving your hair a salon-like finish.

Kerasilk Specialist Farbversiegeler is formulated with 96.7% natural ingredients, making it a safe and effective option for people who prefer to use products that are free from harmful chemicals. Furthermore, it is vegan, sulphate-free, silicone-free, microplastic-free, free from mineral oils, and dye-free.

How to Use

  • Begin by shampooing and conditioning your hair with your preferred products.
  • Towel-dry your hair gently to remove excess water.
  • Take the Kerasilk Color Sealer and shake the bottle well before use.
  • Apply a small amount of the product onto your hands and work it evenly throughout your hair. Start from the mid-lengths to the ends, avoiding the scalp.
  • For best results, use a comb to ensure that the product is evenly distributed throughout your hair.
  • Do not rinse the product out of your hair.
  • Style your hair as desired using your preferred styling tools.
  • For optimal results, use Kerasilk Specialist Farbversiegeler regularly, as needed.
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