Kms Hairplay Dry Wax 150ml

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Kms Hairplay Dry Wax 150ml

Kms Hairplay Dry Wax 150ml

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KMS Hairplay Dry Wax is a hair styling product designed to provide definition, texture, and flexible hold without weighing down the hair. This spray-on wax has a liquid consistency and delivers a matte finish, making it perfect for creating beachy waves or undone, textured styles.

One of the standout features of KMS Hairplay Dry Wax is its flexible hold, which allows you to mold your hair into your desired style and still maintain a natural look and movement. This product is suitable for all hair types and can be used by both men and women to achieve a variety of styles.

In addition to providing excellent styling capabilities, KMS Hairplay Dry Wax is also a cruelty-free and vegan product, making it a great choice for those who prioritize ethical and sustainable beauty options.

How to Use

  • Start with dry hair. This product is designed to be applied to dry hair, so make sure your hair is completely dry before using it.
  • Shake well. Before use, give the bottle a good shake to ensure that the product is thoroughly mixed.
  • Spray onto hair. Hold the bottle a few inches away from your head and spray the wax onto your hair. Start with a small amount, and add more as needed.
  • Mold your hair. Use your fingers or a brush to mold your hair into your desired style. The wax will provide hold and texture, while the matte finish will give your hair a natural look.
  • Use a flat iron (optional). If you want even more definition, you can use a flat iron in conjunction with the wax. Simply apply the wax to your hair, then use the flat iron to create lasting definition.
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